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2021-08-22 · Series: None · Tags: Web

After being over a year in the making, this website is finally live. 🎉

A lot has happened since the first commit for this site: A pandemic hit, I moved, and I became a father of two. I should have settled for a simple Wordpress site…


This site was made with a few goals in mind:

  • Having a single place to refer to when sharing information.
  • Assist me in learning through writing longer-form articles about technology.
  • Being able to publish to a platform that I own and control.
  • Functioning as an extension of my CV/Resume

Whether I am able to fulfill my wishes through this site is yet to be seen. I am hoping to be able to publish a post on this site on a bi-weekly basis.

Tech stack

My overarching goal while designing this site has been to keep it simple, fast and maintainable.


The site is built with Gohugo, the frontend is made with regular CSS and HTML.

Choosing to build this with a Static Site Generator(SSG) meets the goals of being simple and fast. It also leaves me with room to choose my hosting provider as the build artefact is a bundle of html files. My current workflow is to write content in $EDITOR and push content manually through git. In the future I am looking to introduce a “Git backed CMS” like Forestry.

By going for “basic” front-end technologies I’m hoping to reduce the amount of maintenance over time. It did however contribute to the long development time. Knowing myself I will likely rewrite this in Next.js in 1-2 years, before any real maintenance work would occur.


I am currently hosting this site on Netlify. The choice landed on Netlify as they deliver the best performance for the price by far. As an additional benefit, they make deployment of the site is a breeze.

Unfortunately their pipeline & tooling offerings are quite limited(but easy to get started with!). Certain pipeline tasks were therefore better suited to run in GitHub actions.


This site will be expanded as I embark on various projects in the future. Some sub-sites like /slides for presentations, /apps for hobby web-apps and /certs for certification badge are already in the making.

In 10 years I’m hoping to be able to look at this site as a positive result of my curiosity about technology.

All feedback is appreciated, feel free to contact me at hello@torbjorn.dev. Thanks for visiting my website!

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